Who we are

The MA Jaromír Jaroš law firm has been providing professional legal services since 2003. We offer complex legal services for both physical persons and entrepreneurial subjects and we primarily specialize in the fields of civil, trade and penal law.

Our legal services particularly include

providing consultations, expert opinions, including the legal analysis of a given situation

drawing up documents, agreements, contracts and any corresponding assessments

mediation and negotiation with the opposing party to achieve amicable settlement

drawing up petitions, proposals, withdraws, resistance, negotiations and other servings

representation before court proceedings to the extent of every degree, including the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic and the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic

defence in criminal matters

representation before administrative and other bodies

legal custody

other services, for example providing online services, especially drawing up contracts

The law firm cooperates with colleagues in the professional field who are also cooperating with other specialists, for example expert witnesses, executors, notaries, tax and accounting advisors and other experts.


The object of our law firm is to provide qualified legal help when the matter of course requires highly professional legal help, respectability, speed, discretion, flexibility and personal access to the client.

Civil law

  • debt collection (finding and execution proceedings)
  • lodgement of claims in the insolvency proceedings
  • liability for damages
  • moral rights
  • consumer protection
  • law of succession and succession proceeding disputes

Property law

  • contract of purchase
  • gift contracts
  • contracts for the establishment of a lien or an easement
  • lease agreements
  • real estate transfers
  • petitions and disputes regarding rental law, etc.

Trade law

  • mandate agreements
  • commission contracts
  • agency agreements
  • other contracts in accordance with commercial law
  • administration of debt from trade-legal relations
  • debt collection (finding and execution proceedings)
  • lodgement of claims to the insolvency proceedings
  • legal advice for trade companies
  • legal services in relation to establishing and operation trade companies and cooperatives
  • execution of changes within trade companies and cooperatives (transfers, shares, changes to statutory bodies, etc.)
  • legal services within the field of economic competition
  • protection from interference with the legal person
  • law for bills of exchange
  • fusion, acquisition
  • public procurement

Penal law

  • defence in preliminary penal proceedings
  • defence in penal proceedings taking place before a court hearing
  • compensation for damages
  • compensation for property damages
  • legal assistance to victims and the enforcement of their rights in penal proceedings

Family law

  • divorce
  • settlement of joint ownership property
  • settlement of rights and responsibilities between joint-living spouses
  • agreement of adjusting rights and responsibilities concerning minors
  • paternity suits

Labour law

  • occupational contracts
  • other contracts in accordance with Labour laws
  • judicial enforcement of claims for both employees and employers
  • disputes over invalid termination
  • compensation for damages claims

Insolvency law

  • processing insolvency proposals PO and FO
  • lodgement of claims in the insolvency proceedings
  • representation of creditors in incident disputes

Administrative law

  • representation in administrative proceedings (offence proceedings, planning and construction management, etc.)
  • administrative petitions

Attorney custody

As the case may need, this law firm ensures the custody of the client’s financial resources within attorney custody. Attorney custody is realized in accordance with Act no. 85/1996 Coll., regarding advocacy, as amended in the latest regulations, and in accordance with the ruling of the Board of Directors of the Czech Bar Association, no. 7/2004 of the Bulletin regarding the custody of money, valuable papers or other property of the client by the attorney, based on the written contract of custody concluded between the advocate and the client.

Drawing up of contracts online

The law firm is, as of late, offering the drawing up of contracts online. Thus, you do not need to physically come to the law firm. Send in all your documents to us at the law firm and, in return, we will share with you our statement, and if necessary other advancements and the amount of commission.


The law firm ordinarily charges at an hourly rate, meaning every commenced hour of work for the client with the minimum amount being 1,500 – CZK excluding VAT and the commission for legal services is primarily negotiated on the basis of agreement with the client, thus, according to this agreement, it is possible to negotiate the contractual operational commission, contractual time commission, contractual one-off commission, contractual shared commission and the contractual lump-sum commission. The above-stated commissions are always reliant to the difficulty of the provided service and the amount of provided acts of legal service.

Should the commission for legal services not be negotiated on the basis of agreement with the client, the above-stated commissions will comply with the legal services declared by the Ministry of Justice, no. 177/1996 Coll., regarding the commissions for advocates and the compensation for advocates for providing legal services (advocates’ tariff).

The price for attorney custody is reliant to the above-stated custody sections.


Headquarters Ostrava

V Zátiší 810/1
709 00 Ostrava-Mariánské Hory
phone (secretariat): +420 602 292 365
e-mail: sekretariat@jaros-ak.eu
IČ: 623 25 132
ID data boxes: ng4hdex

Branch office Vítkov

náměstí Jana Zajíce 3
749 01 Vítkov
phone (secretariat): +420 602 292 365
e-mail: sekretariat@jaros-ak.eu

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